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1-AUDIO KONSTRUCT. ARCH II (1989/90)-for saxophone and live-electronics

2-MIND MACHINE(1990/91)-for percussion trio, tape and live-electronics (commissioned by Musikkreditkommission Basel-Stadt)

3-HYPERBATON (1991)-Saxophone quartet -2ts/2bs (Dedicated to Xasax, Paris) Recorded by Jürg Jecklin at the Radio Studio Zürich.  for the CD Erol 7019 XASAX plays  works of  Donatoni, Xenakis, Cage, Aperghis, Wolpe, Buess, Essel und Rzewski. Here!

4-MIKROASYLIA CINQUE (1992)-for piano percussion and live-electronics ***)= no more available

5-MAXWELL`S DEMON (1993)-for Trumpet, E-Bass, 3 Percussionists, Keyboard & Live-Electronics (Commissioned by Crossart Ensemble, Mannheim)

6-PIDGIN IV (1993)-for percussion trio, Electroacoustic Instruments & amplified piano for Basler Schlagzeugtrio Recorded live at Theater Basel by Jürg Jecklin

7-MIRROR X (1993)-for piano, light and tape for Daniel Cholette,  piano.  Basic text: “Skidoo” from Aleister Crowley’s “Book Of Lies”.  Recorded live at Theater Basel by Jürg Jecklin

8-DIGRAM PROBABILITY I (1994)-for darabukka, 3 percussionists, Strinquartet & live-electronics (Commissioned by the Festival Musik der Welt in Basel)

9-NOL (1995)-for percussion trio (Commissioned by Taktlos Festival)

10-N.S. (1995)-for percussion solo & live-electronics (commissioned by Taktlos Festival)

11-N.S.-TURING MACHINE VERSION (1997)-for percussion duo, tape & Videotape. Video by Christian Lichtenberg.

12-PARALLAXE A (1998-2000)-for big ensemble & 5-Channel Surround Tape for the Ensemble Phoenix Basel, directed by Jürg Henneberger (Commissioned by Europäischer Musikmonat 2001)

13-ata-9 (1999)-for 4 soprano saxophones (For Xasax, Paris: Commissioned by  Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy Musique Action Festival)

14-ata-7 (1999)-for soprano saxophone electroacoustic ensemble (for the ensemble STROM)

15-ata-5 (1999)-for piano, tape and live-electronics (Commissioned by Musikkreditkommission Basel-Stadt)

16-SCHIZOPHONIE (Digram Probability II) (1999)-for Djembe, rhythm composer and live-electronics

17-CORTEX (2000)-Vacuum Theory for electronics and percussion co-composition by Alex and Daniel Buess

18-X_SYN_DROME_I (2002)-for the ensemble THE B.E.A.M. (Commissioned by B.E.A.M. and Dr. Robert Thyll-Dürr Foundation) Score: X-Syndrome – PDF

19-PARALLAXE A (Biomechanical Version)-for Ensemble & live-electronics (2002)

20-SURVIVAL_RESEARCH (2002)-for CORTEX (Commissioned by PRO HELVETIA for Taktlos Festival Bern)

21-KHAT (2003)-for bass flute, percussion & live-electronics. Christoph Bösch, flute and Daniel Buess, percussion Recorded live at Tage für Neue Musik, Zürich

22-METENFES (2003)-for percussion & 5.1. Surround Audio Score (commissioned by Taktlos Festiva Bern)

23-METATRON (2004)-for Saxophone, piano, double bass & percussion (Commissioned by the X-Quartet) Recorded live at Gare du Nord, Basel

24-METATRON`S CUBE (2004/05)-for clarinet, trombone, e-violin, e-violoncello, double bass and percussion (Commissioned by camerata variabile basel)

25-ata-11 (2004)-for electric guitar with live-electronics (Commissioned by Maurizio Grandinetti)

26-Y (2004)-for soprano-/baritone saxophone and live-electronics (Commissioned by Saxophonic)

27-GHOSTS OF SCHIZOPHONIA (2004/05)-for 2 ensembles with live-electronics (Commissioned by Lucerne Festival and Pro Helvetia) directed by Jürg Henneberger  Recorded live at Lucerne Festival

28-PHYLUM(2005)-for percussion solo, large ensemble and live-electronics Percussion: Daniel Buess, for the Ensemble Phoenix Basel directed by Jürg Henneberger (commissioned by Lucerne Festival and Pro Helvetia) Recorded live at Lucerne Festival. Score: Phylum – PDF

29-AXIS_CORE(2007)-for acousmonium (21 Loudspeakers), Uwe Dierksen trombone, Strinquintet & percussion for the Ensemble Modern directed by Johannes Kalitzke (Commissioned by SWR for the DONAUESCHINGEN FESTIVAL 2007) Recorded live at Donaueschinger Musiktage.

30-VORTEX_V1.01 AND VORTEX_V2 (2009)-for bass flute, piano, percussion & acousmonium (Commissioned by the Ensemble Phoenix Basel with financial support by the SUISA foundation)

31-SHATTERED GRID (2012)-for tenor saxophone, Piano, percussion & acousmonium (Commissioned by the Ensemble Werktag, Zürich) Recorded at Radiostudio Zürich

32-APSIS (2013)-for 8 Windinstruments and percussion (Commissioned by Tage für Neue Musik Zürich)

33-SKUTO (2013/2014)-for SABRE (Sensor Augmented Bassclarinet) (Commissioned by IGNM Zürich)

34-ENIGMA (2014)-for soprano saxophone, violoncello and e-guitar/live electronics (Commisioned by the ensemble Kontur)

35-ESKALATION (2014/15)-for percussion quartet and light (Commissioned by ENSEMBLE THIS/THAT)

36-HAMMER, DRAHT, FILZ und BOLIDE (2016)-for The Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Wolfgang Heisig: Phonola. For Phonola, 2 clarinets, flute, violin, double bass, synthesizer and live-electronics, directed by Jürg Henneberger, Recorded Live at Museum Tinguely, Basel.

37-BEWARE OF THE AGENT B. (2021)-movie soundtrack for a film of Big Rogers aka Roger Graf

38-JUNK-THE SEMIOTIC WAR (2022)- movie soundtrack for a film clip directed by Big Rogers aka Roger Graf (film clip and soundtrack commissioned by Moritz Junkermann, Stuttgart)