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K7&CD group 16-17, title: BUFFBUNKER & HARDKORE, Label: CALYPSONOW (1984) & Savageland Records  (live recording)

LP group 16-17, title: 16-17, Label: RECREC (1984) (partly recorded live) Infos here

LP group 16-17, title: WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS…, Label: VISION (1989)   Infos here 

CD  group ICE with Kevin Martin, Dave Cochrane, John Jobaggy, Justin Broadrick and Alex Buess. title: UNDER THE SKIN. Label: PATHOLOGICAL (GB) (1993) More here

CD group 16-17, title: GYATSO, Label: PATHOLOGICAL GB (1993), Reedition 2008 Label: SAVAGELAND RECORDS    Infos here and here

CD group GOD, title: THE ANATOMY OF ADDICTION, Label: BIG CAT GB, USA (1994). Infos here

CD THE BUG, title: TAPPING THE CONVERSATION with Kevin Martin, Dave Cochrane, Alex Buess, Simon Hopkins & DJ Vadim, Label: WORDSOUND USA (1995) More here and here

First CD group PHANTOM CITY, title: SITE ANUBIS  with Paul Schütze, Raoul Björkenheim, Alex Buess,Julian Priester, LolCoxhill, Bill Laswell und Dirk Wachtelaer, Label: BIG CAT GB (1996)

Second  CD group PHANTOM CITY, title: SHIVA RECOIL Live/Unlive at the TAMPERE JAZZ FESTIVAL, Finland. Label: VIRGIN UK (1997))

CD/LP group SPRAWL with Michael Wertmüller, Peter Brötzmann, Alex Buess, Stephan Wittwer und William Parker. Label: TROST, A (1997/2015) Infos here and here (tenorsax, bassclarinet and electronics in these 2 tracks by Alex Buess)

 EP group 16-17, title: HUMAN DISTORTION, Label : DHR 19 (Digital Hardcore Recordings) GB (1998)

EP group 16-17, title: MECHANOPHOBIA (The Soundsystem Mixes) Label: PRAXIS UK

CD-Box group 16-17: EARLY RECORDINGS (1984-1989), reedition und remasters from vinyl. Label: SAVAGELAND RECORDS, F (2006) Infos More here

Several contributions on CD Compilations of the Virgin Ambient Label:




XASAX ,Saxophone Quartett: composition: HYPERBATON, CD Erol 7019 XASAX plays  works of  Donatoni, Xenakis, Cage, Aperghis, Wolpe, Buess, Essel und Rzewski. Check this here and here

CD ENSEMBLE PHOENIX BASEL plays   MAXWELL`S DEMON und PARALLAXE A, UNITED PHOENIX RECORDS 001. CD with works of Feiler, Hodgkinson und Buess. Infos here

CD ENSEMBLE PHOENIX BASEL: composition : GHOSTS OF SCHIZOPHONIA (live recording radio DRS 2 at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL 2005) CD  ENSEMBLE PHOENIX BASEL, Ensemble portrait CD, Grammont, MGB CTS M-110 with works of Grimm, Romitelli, Sanchez-Chiong and Buess. Infos here

CD HOW 2, percussion duo: composition: N.S. (Turing Machine Version) CD How 2, UNITED PHOENIX RECORDS, CD HOW 2, Label: UNITED PHOENIX RECORDS. Works of Gubler, Altena, Xenakis und Buess. More Infos

 LP group CORTEX: 12″ Vinyl title: VACUUM THEORY Label PRAXIS. More Infos here.

LP ensemble WERKTAG with compositions by Antoine Chessex and Alex Buess. Label; A TREE IN A FIELD RECORDS (TREE056) For this production also check here

LP/CD LIVE COMPILATION OF THE JOLT FESTIVAL 2011 with CORTEX (+ Damian Bennett and Stelarc) and my composition PHYLUM. Label: A TREE IN A FIELD RECORDS (TREE047)

MINI LP “SKIN CRAFT” Compositions by Daniel Buess and Alex Buess released by Praxis (Praxis 55) For this production also check here and here!

16-17: LP PHANTOM LIMB, 12″ LP (TR 193): TROST RECORDS, Austria, Vienna (2020), Released January 3 2020, also available as a High Quality digital download. Available here.

16-17: EP  THE PANDEMIC WARGAMES REMIXES, 12″ EP/45RPM (Praxis 58):Praxis Records, Berlin, Released August 24 2020, also available as a High Quality digital download. Available here.

16-17: LP GYATSO The vinyl edition (2021) Remastered by Alex Buess. Label: Praxis, Berlin (Praxis 59) Available here.