16-17 from 1984 until the disbanding of the group in 1999 was one of my main projects… The first lineup with Alex Buess–sax, electronics; Markus Kneubühler–electric guitar/electronics and Knut Remond– drums/electronics has reached a „cult status“. In this lineup the band has produced 4 K7/LPs and CDs: „Buffbunker and Hardkore“ (1984), „16-17 Live“ (1987), „When All Else Fails“ (1989) and „Gyatso“ (1994, with Godflesh bass player Ben Green & Kevin Martin as guests). „Gyatso“ has been produced by Kevin Martin and has originally appeared on his „Pathological“label. The four albums have been remastered and re-released by Savagleand Records and are are fully available today. In 1995 the group toured Europe in a new lineup with Alex Buess – sax/electronics, Damian Bennett–bass and Michael Wertmüller–drums.
With the English group GOD , a project of Kevin Martin, I have played various concerts in Europe. I have mixed their last CD ANATOMY OF ADDICTION and I also have played on this CD as a guest.
Ice is another K-Mart project. I have played saxes on the first CD UNDER THE SKIN and I have also mixed it. I have mixed their second album BAD BLOOD .
In the „multinational“ group “Phantom City” of the Australian musician Paul Schütze I have played as a clarinettist. The group has released two CDs. The first CD, SITE ANUBIS, has appeared on the Big Cat Label. After the production of Site Anubis the group played only two concerts: the first concert at the Taktlos Bern Festival (1996) and the second concert at the Tampere Festival in Finland also in 1996. This second concert was recorded live for the Live/Unlive CD SHIVA RECOIL (released on Virgin/Ambient in 1997). I have played on both CDs and I have mixed, edited and co-produced them.
THE BUG is Kevin Martin`s main project. It is still alive today. I have played on the very first CD “Tapping the Conversation” and I have mixed it. This CD has appeared on the Wordsound label.
CORTEX is a still active project consisting of Alex Buess – saxes / electronics /mix and Daniel Buess percussion/electronics and mix. Cortex was founded in 1999. Sometimes for live shows the project is completed by various musicians.
Compositions: Since 1989 I have been composing for various ensembles of contemporary music. I have written compositions for Ensemble Modern, Xasax, Ensemble Phoenix Basel etc.