Works of Alex Buess as a recording producer

For over 15 years I have worked for Swiss Radio SRF and I have done a huge amount of live recordings and studio productions: I have recorded over 400 concerts and and I have done many CD, DVD and LP productions during this time .
I have done live recording for Radio SRF 2 and 3 at festivals such as Taktlos, Tonart, earweare, the Musikfestival Bern, the Lucerne Festival and the Biennale Bern.

Some examples of recent SRF concert recordings are:
Anschlag (Michael Wertmüller), at the Lucerne Festival 2013
Pierre Boulez Hommage at the Lucerne Festival) 2015
earweare – Festival in Biel 2015
The percussion ensemble This/That with the piano duo Huber/Thomet at Musikfestival Bern, at Dampfzenrale Bern 2015
The Ensemble Phoenix Basel plays compositions of Bennett und Piotrowicz, at the Haus der elektronischen Künste 2015

Some examples of recent studio productions:
Daniel Buess, PITCH, CD , Label: Pharmafabrik Recordings (Mastering) 2014
Kociubian-Gamsachurdia Duo Oracles Blast,, CD Label Dux, Compositions by Onofre, Dougherty,, Walter, Gamsachurdia and Langlotz. Coproduction SRF2, Label: DUX (Recording and Mastering) 2014
RITO: Compositions of Scelsi: CD, Marianne Schuppe and Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Coproduction SRF2, Label: telosmusic (Recording and Mastering) 2014
Ferocious41,CD Old New Cotton Industry (Mastering) 2014
Jerôme Noetinger with the Ensemble Phoenix Basel, LP Label Bocian (Recording, Mix and Mastering ) 2015
Ensemble Werktag: Compositions by Antoine Chessex and Alex Buess, LP, Coproduction SRF /Werktag , Label: A Tree in a Field (Recording, Mix, and Mastering) 2015

In preparation:
Defibrillator feat. Peter Brötzmann, CD, release date: early 2016 (Mastering)
Noise Zone CD, release date: early 2016 (Mastering)
MIR recorded at radio studio 1 Zürich, Coproduction with SRF, release date: spring 2016 (Recording, Mix and Mastering)

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