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1-AUDIO KONSTRUCT. ARCH II (1989/90)-for saxophone and live-electronics

2-MIND MACHINE(1990/91)-for percussion trio, tape and live-electronics (commissioned by Musikkreditkommission Basel-Stadt)

3-HYPERBATON (1991)-saxophone quartet (Dedicated to Xasax, Paris)

4-MIKROASYLIA CINQUE (1992)-for piano percussion and live-electronics ***)= no more available

5-MAXWELL`S DEMON (1993)-for Trumpet, E-Bass, 3 Percussionists, Keyboard & Live-Electronics (Commissioned by Crossart Ensemble, Mannheim)

6-PIDGIN IV (1993)-for percussion trio, Electroacoustic Instruments & amplified piano

7-MIRROR X (1993)-for piano, light and tape

8-DIGRAM PROBABILITY I (1994)-for darabukka, 3 percussionists, Strinquartet & live-electronics (Commissioned by the Festival Musik der Welt in Basel)

9-NOL (1995)-for percussion trio (Commissioned by Taktlos Festival)

10-N.S. (1995)-for percussion solo & live-electronics (Commissioned by Taktlos Festival)

11-N.S.-TURING MACHINE VERSION (1997)-for percussion duo, tape & Videotape. Video by Christian Lichtenberg.

12-PARALLAXE A (1998-2000)-for big ensemble & 5-Channel Surround Tape (Commissioned by Europäischer Musikmonat 2001)

13-ata-9 (1999)-for saxophone quartet (SSSS) (For Xasax, Paris: Commissioned by Nancy Musique Action Festival)

14-ata-7 (1999)-for electroacoustic ensemble (for the ensemble STROM)

15-ata-5 (1999)-for piano, tape and live-electronics (Commissioned by Musikkreditkommission Basel-Stadt, dedicated to Anmari Wili)

16-SCHIZOPHONIE (Digram Probability II) (1999)-for Djembe, rhythm composer and live-electronics

17-CORTEX (2000)-Vacuum Theory for electronics and percussion co-composition by Alex and Daniel Buess

18-X_SYN_DROME_I (2002)-for the ensemble THE B.E.A.M. (Commissioned by B.E.A.M. and Dr. Robert Thyll-Dürr Foundation)

19-PARALLAXE A (Biomechanical Version)-for Ensemble & live-electronics (2002)

20-SURVIVAL_RESEARCH (2002)-for CORTEX (Commissioned by PRO HELVETIA for Taktlos Festival Bern)

21-KHAT (2003)-for bass flute, percussion & live-electronics

22-METENFES (2003)-for percussion & 5.1. Surround Audio Score (commissioned by Taktlos Festiva Bern)

23-METATRON (2004)-for Saxophone, piano, double bass & percussion (Commissioned by the X-Quartet)

24-METATRON`S CUBE (2004/05)-for clarinet, trombone, e-violin, e-violoncello, double bass and percussion (Commissioned by camerata variabile basel)

25-ata-11 (2004)-for electric guitar with live-electronics (Commissioned by Maurizio Grandinetti)

26-Y (2004)-for soprano-/baritone saxophone and live-electronics (Commissioned by Saxophonic)

27-GHOSTS OF SCHIZOPHONIA (2004/05)-for ensemble with live-electronics (Commissioned by Lucerne Festival and Pro Helvetia)

28-PHYLUM(2005)-for percussion solo, large ensemble and live-electronics (commissioned by Lucerne Festival and Pro Helvetia

29-AXIS_CORE(2007)-for acousmonium (21 Loudspeakers), trombone, Strinquintet & percussion (Commissioned by SWR for the DONAUESCHINGEN FESTIVAL 2007)

30-VORTEX_V1.01 UND VORTEX_V2 (2009)-for bass flute, piano, percussion & acousmonium (Commissioned by the Ensemble Phoenix Basel with financial support by the SUISA foundation)

31-SHATTERED GRID (2012)-for tenor saxophone, Piano, percussion & acousmonium (Commissioned by the Ensemble Werktag, Zürich)

32-APSIS (2013)-for 8 Windinstruments and percussion (Commissioned by Tage für Neue Musik Zürich)

33-SKUTO (2013/2014)-for SABRE (Sensor Augmented Bassclarinet) (Commissioned by IGNM Zürich)

34-ENIGMA (2014)-for soprano saxophone, violoncello and e-guitar/live electronics (Commisioned by the ensemble Kontur)

35-ESKALATION (2014/15)-for percussion quartet and light (Commissioned by ENSEMBLE THIS/THAT)

36-HAMMER, DRAHT, FILZ und BOLIDE (2016)-for 2 clarinets, flute, violin, double bass, synthesizer and live-electronics

37-BEWARE OF THE AGENT B. (2021)-movie soundtrack for a film of Bigrogers aka Roger Graf

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