My composition SHATTERED GRID (VORTEX_V1.02) for saxophone, piano, percussion, live-electronics and acousmonium has appeared on a vinyl LP together with Antoine Chessex Furia.
The LP has been produced by the ensemble WERKTAG as a coproduction with SWISS RADIO SRF 2. The LP can be bought here.

Vinyl version of SPRAWL

sprawl-sleeve-lo2TROST will release the vinyl version of SPRAWL – a project with Peter Brötzmann, William Parker, Alex Buess, Michael Wertmüller and Stephan Wittwer. The project has been recorded 1996 on CD. The release date of the LP is 04/28/2015



The long awaited JOLT FESTIVAL COMPILATION has appeared in a double release @ A TREE IN A FIELD RECORDS. You can order it here !


Hyperbaton_webRecently appeared @ RESOLUTE MUSIC PUBLICATIONS: HYPERBATON FOR MODULAR SAXOPHONE QUARTET. The Score can also be bought here !

Dedicated to the world-renowned XASAX quartet, composer Alex Buess presents this incredible modern piece for modular saxophone quartet. Drawing on a number of music styles, Buess composed this piece for 2 tenors and 2 baritones (TTBB). A multitude of extended techniques are employed, including multiphonics, slap-tonguing, growls, and even ‘dental’ notes – playing with the teeth on the reed. The resulting sonic palette is both extremely interesting for the audience and a serious challenge for even the most skilled quartets.


The ENSEMBLE PHOENIX BASEL will perform my work Phylum for solo Percussion, large ensemble and live-electronics at the SUDBasel on 2014-06-01/02.

The ENSEMBLE KONTUR will premiere my work Enigma for saxophone, violoncello, electric guitar/live-electronics at Gare du Nord, Basel on 2014-05-28 will be performed

Skuto for SABRE (SENSOR AUGMENTED BASSCLARINET) commissioned IGNM ZÜRICH will be performed on 2014-04-05 at the Walcheturm Zürich.

My new work Apsis for 8 Windinstruments and percussion commissioned by TAGE FÜR NEUE MUSIK ZÜRICH will be played in concert on 2013-11-17.

Sebastian Hofmann will perform my piece N.S.for percussion, electronics, tape and video (by Christian Lichtenberg) in severeal concerts with his new program “METALL-MAGNET” on 2014-1017 to 2014-10-30

New Work Shattered Grid for the ensemble WERKTAG (sxophone, piano, percussion, acousmonium and live-electronics): Concerts in November and December 2012

2012-05-04, Basel, Haus der elektronischen Künste: Percussion & Bytes. Concert organizsed by the Basel Symphony Orchestra Percussion Ensemble directed by Domenico Melchiorre. My percussion Trio Mind Machine (1993) will be performed.

On 2011-11-21 at the HUDDERSFIELD CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL:the Syzygy saxophone quartet plays ata-9 for four soprano saxophone

On 2011-11-10/11/12: Jolt Festival – Terrains: I will be performing with Cortex (Daniel Buess – drums/electronics, Alex Buess – saxophones/electronics, Damian Bennett – bass and Stelarc – electronic sculpter and devices) Find the program here.

On 2011-07-10 the Fonos 21ensemble (Pablo Coello – saxophones, Carlo Mendez – bass, David Duran – piano and Diego Ventoso – drums play Metatron at the Festival Ludwig Streicher in Santiago de Compostela.

In preparation: a CD with selected composed works is planed to be released towards the end of 2014

A new work commisioned by the Ensemble Phoenix Basel: Vortex_V1.01 (for bassflute, piano, percussion, live – electronics and acousmonium) and Vortex_V2(for acousmonium) will be premiered on 2009-12-10 at Dampfzentrale Bern followed by concerts on 2009-12-13/14 at the Gare du Nord, Basel. This concert will be on air on 2010-01-14 on radio DRS2.

May 2008: the 16-17 CD Gyatso has been re-released in a remastered version by Weasel Walter with new extended liner notes by Jason Pettigrew (Alternative Press) on Savageland Records.

2008-03-19 radio SWR 2: Secondbroadcasting of my work AXIS_CORE for trombone solo, stringquintet, percussion and acousmonium performed bei the Ensemble Modern directed by Johannes Kalitzke at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2007

Broadcasting radio DRS 2 on 2007-06-14: Concert by Cortex at the Mariahilfkirche Lucerne: Vacuum Theory I-XIII on 2007-04-27

The Ensemble Modern directed by Johannes Kalitzke performes my work AXIS_CORE commissioned by SWR/Donaueschinger Musiktage. The concert of 2007-10-20 is broadcasted live on SWR2 in 5.1. surround

New CD of the Ensemble Phoenix

The new CD of the Ensemble Phoenix Basel with works of Tim Hodgkinso, Dror Feiler and Alex Buess is available here.


On 2006-02-22 Savageland Records has released the first part of the  16-17 re-release series: it`s a three CD Box containing the first three 16-17 productions: Buffbunker and Hardkore (1984/1985), 16-17 (1987) and When All Else Fails (1989). The CDs have been remastered by Weasel Walter. They are available here.

Gare du Nord Basel

On 2005-04-24 my work Y for saxophones and live-electronics will be premiered by Saxophonic (Lars Mlekusch – saxes and Thomas Peter – live-electronics) at Gare du Nord Basel.

Festival Rümlingen

On 2005-08-19/20 Phylum II – Puls_S=(1_1,2,3,9) for acousmonium (16 Speakers) is premiered at the Festival of Rümlingen.

Lucerne Festival 2005

Lucerne Festival 2005: on 2005-09-17 at KKL Lucerne – Ghosts of Schizophonia (commissioned by Lucerne Festival and Pro Helvetia) andPhylum both for large ensembles with live-electronics will be performed by Cortex and Ensemble Phoenix Basel directed by Jürg Henneberger